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Acacia wood is very rare when in a solid slab form and of the sizes we create tables with. Acacia woods shape and light wood color enriched with deep dark brown grain contains the spirit and serenitiy of nature in every aspect. At the heart of Flow lies a world where nature and modernity co-exist. By sourcing only the purest of raw materials and rendering them into contemporary adaptations for modern homes, we create unique tables of functional and emotional value. Each table we create is a timeless piece of art.  We can custom design for you from our rare acacia wood solid slabs either a special dining table, executive conference table or a bar table.


Flow's Acacia list:

Acacia - Natural Lacquer Finishing

This special console table we designed from a reclaimed solid acacia root from the tree which is hand shaped and finished with hand rubbed wax finish. We can customize the shape and finishing to your preference. Please note, each root console is unique and will vary in dimensions, figure and color.

Product ID: ACT - 30041

Dimension: 160 x 65 x 70 cm ( 8 cm Thickness)

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